Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AKB48 Heavy Rotation and Lucky Seven Videos

Heavy Rotation

i'm very disappointed with heavy rotation pv, not for all the fan service we get in this video but for the lack of some members. this is the election single that's supposed to feature the top 21 but we only get to see the top 12 girls. i think this is very unfair for all the people who voted. even though i voted for sae and she made it to the video, i'm very disappointed that sayaka and miichan are not in this video at all.
how can you make a video like that and not have sayaka (most sexy girl in akb)in the pv.

other than that the pv is very cute, we see the girls kissing each other wearing underwear and stuff that i know guys love and i love too.

here some likes and dislikes


girls kissing
yuko center
tomo~mi and yukirin pairing
cat ears


no sayaka 
too much pink
looks kinda cheap
too much the same people

so with that i'll leave some screen caps i made

Lucky Seven

i like this pv, i know is not all that and it looks cheap but i was really expecting something worst, i really like the pirate's outfits specially acchan's. but again no sayaka, really WTF?

here some screen caps


Anonymous said...

Actually Sayaka IS in the PV... you can look for her in the dance scene, she is at the very back

Anonymous said...

in last picture, where is Yuko Oshima? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

who is in the picture no 5?

Anonymous said...

who is in the picture no 5?

Dhiena jessica said...
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