Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AKB48 ponytail to shush First Day Sales!!!!!!

AKB48 1st day with "Ponytail to shushu" ranked number 1 on Oricon charts!!!!!
as expected from akb ♥ ♥

but what is surprising is the numbers, which are 100k more than "sakura no shiori" that sold 229,528 on the 1st day! and even better 100k more than Arashi which sold approximately 230K 1st day with their latest single!!!

i'm so happy to see how akb popularity keeps rising, it feels so good seeing your favorite artist doing so good T______T

i'm so proud of my girls ♥

congratulations AKB48!!!!!!!!


Radicalpatriot said...

Amen. Let's all see them at Anime Expo in L.A., July 1.