Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mano Erina Debut Concert "Prologue ~Otome no Inori~"

Mano Erina is having her first solo concert!


1. Otome no Inori
2. Lalala-Sososo
MC - Katou Noriko (guest, I think she's a TV personality) entrance
3. Sekai wa Summer Party (Chorus done by Eggs)
MC - Manochan history appreciation / Mano and Katou
MC - Katou Noriko history appreaction / Mano and Katou
MC - Manochan history appreciation 2 / Mano and Katou
MC - Manochan history appreciation 3 / Mano and Katou
MC - Sekai wa Summer Party PV appreciation (as in, they talked about the PV. No VTR)
4. Mizuiro Omoi
MC - Eggs entrance: Maeda, Ogawa Saki, Sekine, Kanon, Momoka, Wada
5. Scramble / Mano and Eggs
6. Lucky Aura / Mano and Eggs
7. Nakimushi Yowamushi / Mano and Eggs
8. Hajimete no Keiken / Mano and Eggs


MC / Mano
9. Manopiano

Credits to Nouciel for Translations

this concert is gonna be out on DVD 8/5/09