Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DiVA debut single Tsuki no uragawa Sales

I normally don't post about AKB48 sub units but i'm making an exception with DiVA cuz as some of you might already know Sae is my oshimen and she's a part of DiVA.
So DiVA debuted today with their single "Tsuki no uragawa"
I'm so happy that the girls did so good with their first day sales getting the number 3 spot on Oricon charts with a total of 42,493 sales!
The girls were very close to getting 2nd spot they lost to perfume 45,686 by very little so i think that DiVA still has a chance of beating them in the weekly spot. (don't get me wrong i like perfume and i'm not wishing them to do bad i'm happy for them too)
I'm so happy about DiVA specially because some time ago was announced that they adding 6 new members to DiVA to make the group stronger but this sales show that DiVA don't new to add new members to be a successful unit ♥ DiVA first day sales show that and DiVA did better than other AKB48 sub-units did with their debut single and this being only their first single gives me hopes that their upcoming singles are gonna do even greater!