Wednesday, March 2, 2011

KARA 3rd Japanese Single Jet Coaster Love PV Preview!

I've been listening to Kpop music since last year and that is thanks to Kara's japanese single "Mister". I really became to like kara and other Kpop artists. Kara is going through a bad time right now but i still support the girls and i hope they stay together and don't disband. That's why i'm happy Kara is releasing a 3rd Japanese single which is tittle "Jet Coaster Love"and releases this March 23rd. The title song was featured in a CM for Japanese aesthetics company, TBC, and the B-side song is "Ima, Okuritai Arigato" which is the theme song for  their japanese drama URAKARA.

Here's the Pv Preview!

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Anonymous said...

Wuaaaahh, I really missed you and your wonderful blog T _ T