Wednesday, March 16, 2011

just a simple update

Hello everyone!
I want to apologize because i haven't been updating the blog lately. the reason is that right now i don't have internet service in my house, which means i won't be able to update my blog frequently, I'm sorry everyone.

I also  i wanna say i'm very heart broken with all the natural disaster that has happened in Japan. For me Japan is a very important county that i love and care about, so it breaks my heart to watch the news (which is what i've been doing since this past Friday) to all my japanese readers i'm very sorry about what's happening in Japan and i want us to pray together for the people who were affected in this disaster.
i also can't help to worry about my loved idols, who thanks God are all safe.

again i'm sorry for my lack of activity in this blog i'll try my best to update as often as i can, i'm going crazy without internet *__*


Vivian said...

That's too bad :( but it's okay, cheer up ^_^