Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Sae!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Today August 13th Miyazawa Sae is turning 20th years old!!!


20 is very important age cuz you're officially not a teen anymore!
that's why i hope sae stays being GENKING and don't feel the need to change ♥
we love you the way you are sae, especially sayaka who posted something really nice for sae ♥

The day my partner became an adult。 Akimoto Family。

Sae, happy birthday

You're an adult now!!!!!!

Well... in age-wise (LOL)

I always cause a lot of trouble for Sae, I support you and you support me…

I also show you a lot of my bad sides but…

I'm always relying on you。

Twin Tower are already adults now

…no、I mean in a good way (LOL)

And last…

Yasai sisters。

I did think a skinny and tanned Sae looked just like a burdock, but I still stubbornly never hand over (my character as a) burdock to you (LOL)

That's it

From now on, let's try hard to improve ourselves !!

I love you。

Thank you for being born。

IKURI M thank you。

translations credits to bamboobranch from stage48

here some pictures from kana's blog