Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ono Erena Graduates from AKB48!

as most of you already know this past weekend on akb48's concert at Yoyogi, Ono Erena announced her graduation from akb48 to become an actress!

i can't say i'm surprised about erena's graduation cuz the rumor's been around for a long time already and her sudden push back from being one of the top member in akb, still this is sad news. Erena isn't one of my top favorite members but i do like her a lot and i'm definitely going to miss her cuz she's one of the first members i noticed when i first got into akb back in 2008, and is always hard seeing the original akb members graduate. akb and team k are not gonna be the same without erena. i'm really thankful that i got to meet her when akb came to NY, she was a sweetheart with all the fans ♥

i wish erena the best luck with the path that she's choosing and i hope to see her soon as a great actress ♥


ざっちー said...

I'm not surprised to hear this news. I enjoyed her part in 'Shrill Cries...' and I just saw a trailer for 「さんかく」, which she co-stars in. And am really looking forward to seeing it.