Thursday, May 20, 2010

Morning Musume 43rd single "Seishun Collection" PV Preview

im really hating this pv for many reasons specially those horrendous outfits, i also hate the location for the pv, that field and those outfits is not a good combination, i hate that plain room with the girls sitting on that sofa cuz is just boring. the girls make up is not helping either i specially don't like junjun and reina in the close up ver, they look old with that ugly make up, eri looks weird too and aika too, risa's hair cut is looking uglier is this pv. i know it seems like im hating too much but there's actually one thing i like about the video...

here it is what i love about this pv ♥

 my princess sayumi ♥
she's too cute even in this ugly outfits, she's still looks like a princess ♥

here's the cm for morning musume new single

well over all seems like a very boring pv, i hope the full pv is better, doubt it but i can hope.
what you guys think?