Thursday, May 6, 2010

AKB48's Under Girls Nusumareta Kuchibiru PV preview

the pv preview for under girls' new video was aired on AKBINGO this week. like ponytail to shushu pv the girls are also in bikinis, but this video is more dark and dramatic  that shows the girls with a sad face, so i  prefer ponytail to shushu over this, the song is nice and i know after the full pv comes out the song is gonna grow on me more. i really hate the big lack of sayaka in this video, i was very pissed that she didn't make it to ponytail to shushu and i had hopes that she would be the main girl for under girls but they used rena instead, i like rena a lot but i wish to see more sayaka in the full pv.

here's the pv