Friday, April 23, 2010

Michishige Sayumi 7th Photobook "La"

here some previews from sayumi's new pb "La"

UTB Magazine

Flash Magazine

4th Solo DVD Cover 


Jpop said...

Hi, anni
:) though anni may have already got, i give a link to anni :)

:D it's a video of the TV of weekly AKB(SHUKAN AKB) / aired on April 23,2010 / maybe,Japan :D

>_<; size of the file is large, sorry... >_<;

(^o^)/ i hope for the answer of the impression, from anni. (^o^)/

see you again! :O :) :D

Fate-Biscuit said...

I totally love Sayumin!
This PB looks nice! The light is so beautiful!

Thanks Anni!