Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Idoling!!! (アイドリング!!!, Aidoringu!!!)

i just got in to a new idol group very recently T______T
AKB48 and Hello!Project is already enough to keep me very busy but i'm really liking Idoling!!! right now.

i don't know much about Idoling!!! yet but  little by little i'm understanding what this idol group is about, so in this post i'm not  trying to introduce them to you cuz like i said i know very little about them, so i'll just show you some of my favorite videos so if you don't know about them you can try to check them out!

here are my favorite videos

#1 Shokugyou Idol

#2 SOW Sence of Wonder

#3 Love Magic Fever

#4 Mujouken Koufuku

well those and more videos too but i don't wanna spam this post with so many videos so now i'll show you my favorite girls 
so far the girls that stands out to me more are the following (not sure about the order) 

#1 Nao Asahi

# 2 Tonooka Erika

#3 Ookawa Ai

#4 Morita Suzuka

#5 Rurika Yokoyama

#6 Mai Endou

#7 Hitomi Sakai

#8 Hitomi Miyake

#9 Ami Kikuchi

so that's it for my favorites, i'm still not sure about the rest of the girls but i'll have time to notice them as i get to now the group more and obviously my ranking will be changing but as now only the 9 girls above are the only member i like.

i hope some people check them out from now on and i'll sure be posting more about Idoling!!!