Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AKB48 Sakura no Shiori First Day Sales

i still can't believe the sales for this single, this proof that AKB is becoming BIG !
i must admit that i had no faith in this single ( i LOVE this song &heart; ) cuz i read so many hating comments when the preview first came out, and after River doing so good, i was worry how a choir song would do, but i'm so happy i was wrong to be worry, and from now on i'll never doubt AKB's Greatness.


*1 229,528 AKB48
*2 *10,138 fripSide
*3 **7,162 KAT-TUN 

yeah you read it right AKB48 First Day sales are 229,528 
RIVER total sales were 230,668 and Sakura no Shiori sold that only in the first day!!!!!

Congratulations Girls!


Fish said...

*cry in tears!!