Monday, December 14, 2009

AKB48 15TH Single Choose me! & Enkyori Poster Preview!

We can listen to Choose me! (Team YJ) and Enkyori Poster (Team PB) from AKB48 upcoming single!
I LOVE both songs is hard to pick a favorite for that i'm just gonna wait for the PV to come out ♥
it just makes me more excited about the new single which is coming out on February 17, 2010 (that's too much of a long wait T___T)

AKB48 Team YJ Choose me! (Kasai, Kitahara, Nakagawa, Minegishi, Sashihara, Kuramochi, Kikuchi)

AKB48 Team PB Enkyori Poster (Kashiwagi, Miyazawa, Miyazaki, Oota, Nito, Takajo, Maeda Ami)