Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello! Project's 2010 Calendars

Hello! Project's 2010 calendars covers are out already!
I like all the cover, i'm hoping to buy at least two of the calendars most likely i'd buy morning musume's and berryz kobo.

C-ute: i really like c-ute's cover because of the colors, and Airi is so adorable in pony tails. i'm not surprise that Erika is not in the calendar, since she's not gonna be around Hello project in 2010.

Berryz Kobo: i think berryz got the worst cover this time, the girls do look cute but im not feeling those outfits, i hope the inside of the calendar is better.

Morning Musume: is no surprise that morning musume got the best cover as usual, the girls look really good in black, i specially like sayumin ♥
i just don't like all the black, and this cover reminds me so much of last year cover. i feel like im seeing the same calendar but i like last year calendar cover better.

Mano Erina: i like this cover a lot mano eri looks super cute as always.
she's too adorable wearing an uniform ♥