Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buono's blog Translation Natsuyaki Miyabi

Miyabi posted a new entry in Buono's Blog

here's the translations!

2009.8.19 (Wednesday) 23:41
Natsuyaki Miyabi

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When we go to the beach -- ♪

I've received the baton from Kappy Airi☆
It was nice to have a barbeque and split watermelons on the beach with everyone (≧∪≦)

I like searching for cute shells too ♪ >∪<
Although I often go out with the other members
We hardly ever go to the beach (;_;)
I really want to go with them ☆!

When we're going to go to the beach、
Well before that we have to come up with a plan and decide on things
Like who is going to purchase the ingredients, and who is going to cut the vegetables, and who is going to look after the barbeque and stuff (^m^)
I want to go with the other two members of Buono! and also the members from Berryz!
If I end up being responsible for purchasing the food, I would probably end up buying a bunch of unnecessary things… (www)                       
Having a barbeque at the beach during the summer is something that I definitely want to do (^O^)/

Splitting watermelons is also perfect for the summer ★

We'll be able to take lots and lots of photos and make lots and lots of great memories ☆彡

Well, the Buono! 2nd anniversary fanclub live concert begins the day after tomorrow \(^O^)/

I'm looking forward to it ♪♪♪
I want to make it an energetic and rocking concert!!

The band has been working really well with us from the start!!        
Please look forward to it ♪(^^)v                     

I'll update the blog after the performance (>∀<) ゜


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translations thanks to Shigemichi