Monday, June 22, 2009

Seishun Bus Guide Making Of Download

i made some caps of my favorites scenes of the making of Seishun Bus Guide!

risako is cute in this cap

just take a look a saki's smile *melting*

i love massa's lips

chinami smiling is always so cute

awww chichi looks beautiful here *hearts everywhere*

beautiful smile from miyabi

sexy look, miya has gorgeous eyes

serious momo XD so cute

they look worry here 0_0

kuma and chii my fave duo they too cute together

saki is just adorable here

i love chii as a boy

another beautiful smile

too kawaii momo

my chii is so cute playing with the cards

i love these pictures chinami's face is to love

and to end this right here's lovely saki
i falling for this girl XD

Download Making Of